Sygnis AG, Heidelberg

Sygnis Pharma AG

SYGNIS is a German-Spanish stocklisted company devoted to the development of novel, superior tools for molecular biology that play key roles in changing the way genomic and proteomic research is done today. Demand for such tools is high in the fast-growing DNA and protein analysis markets.

SYGNIS has developed a well balanced product portfolio based on proprietary technology:

The flagship product is QualiPhi®, a novel DNA polymerase licensed to Qiagen. QualiPhi® is a superior version of Phi29 DNA polymerase used for amplifying very small amounts of DNA. This is a key entry point needed to make samples accessible for downstream analyses such as sequencing or hybridization techniques and used in areas such as genetic counseling, pathology, forensics, and research.

Next to this the company is developing a revolutionary new DNA Primase / Polymerase and proteomic techniques that enable novel screening assays and protein-protein interaction research (Double Switch).