Dievini is an active investor in Life and Health Sciences companies and is dedicated to the coaching and support of the management teams in corporate and business development.

Dievini’s focus is on innovative therapeutics and diagnostics, which are shown to lead to novel treatment regimens allowing doctors to treat patients with life-threatening diseases better and safer than they can today. Dievini, therefore, is largely invested in companies with unique and first-in-class diagnosis and therapy approaches.

The indication focus is in oncology, neurology, infectious diseases, cell therapy and drug delivery systems. In molecular diagnostics, the primary focus is on systems and products in personalized medicine to support and allow individually improved therapy success with reduced adverse events.

Dievini’s activities are geographically centered in Germany and Europe.

The companies invested in are actively supported in their global development and business activities by dievini.

Please find additional information about the companies here. If you have further questions, please contact us directly at: