Molecular Health GmbH, Heidelberg

Molecular Health is a leading biomedical company that is transforming molecular data into clinically actionable information for the most efficient and safest cancer treatment options for each individual cancer patient.

Molecular Health’s proprietary software, MH Guide™, is the first registered medical product of its kind for personalized cancer medicine in Europe. MH Guide generates an individual tumor analysis for each patient, and provides an interpretation of the clinical and genomic patient data in a clinical context, supporting the attending physician in an individualized treatment decision.

Molecular Health is managed by a multidisciplinary team of oncologists, scientists, businesspeople, and IT experts with long-standing expertise in their fields. The company collaborates with leading NGS- and IT-companies such as GATC Biotech and SAP AG as well as with some of the world’s leading healthcare organizations, like the DKFZ, the National Center for Tumor diseases (NCT), the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC), and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Molecular Health GmbH was audited and certified as per DIN EN ISO 13485 for the design, development and production of software systems for the integrated analysis of clinical and genomic patient data to support treatment decisions and provision of related services. Molecular Health constantly checks the current data, and in a strictly quality controlled process, continues to test and enhance the MH Guide software.

The company is headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, the center of cancer research in Europe. The U.S. headquarters, including a CLIA-certified NGS lab, is located in The Woodlands, Texas.